Trade in falsified medicines is a global pandemic that is negatively affecting patients’ health and causing major losses to global economies. Over a million people die due to falsified medicines p.a, with losses costing billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

PortMera introduces

the world's first IoT-based substandard and falsified (SF) medicines screening platform


Medi-Eval offers an adaptable, cloud-based chemical analysis system that provides non-invasive Drug Authentication and Tracking services in real time.

With  "Solution as a Service" model our clients will have full access to the hardware, software, all system upgrades and maintenance for a fixed monthly service fee. 


  • AI-based analytical system which is designed specifically to screen substandard and falsified pharmaceutical products.

  • Verifies label claims on the identity, quantity, content and manufacturer for substandard and falsified drug detection.

  • Comprehensive pharmaceutical finished products and raw material library.


Non-invasive chemical analysis

Cloud computing

IoT technologies

Data analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI)


(chemical fingerprint library of drug products)

  • Currently 175+ drug family (active ingredients of medicines) is covered.

  • Currently 370++ finished products from different drug families, manufacturers, batches, which are marketed mostly in Europe, are covered.

  • Currently 60++ vitamins/ supplements marketed in Europe and USA are covered.

  • New drugs and drug products are added periodically to expand the database.

  • New algorithms and smart chemical analysis models are developed periodically to meet the unique needs of countries and institutions.